Quick start

web3j-corda CLI

To install the latest vversion of the web3j-corda CLI on Mac OS or Linux, type the following in your terminal:

curl -L https://getcorda.web3j.io | bash

Then to create a new project, simply run:

web3j-corda new -o <output-dir> -n <corDappName> -p <package-name>

Or, to generate client wrappers for an existing CorDapp, run:

web3j-corda generate -d <path-existing-cordapp> -o <output-dir> -p <package-name>

Then to build your project run:

./gradle build

For more information on using the web3j-corda CLI, head to the Examples section.

The generated Corda project demonstrate a number of core features of web3j-corda, including:

  • Generate CorDapp client wrappers for deployed CorDapps.
  • Interact with a CorDapp listing its nodes and starting flows.
  • Generate integration tests using a Dockerized Corda network to verify the CorDapp.