Web3j integration for Corda


web3j-corda is a lightweight client library for working with CorDapps and interacting with different nodes on Corda network.

web3j-corda Network


  • Connect to a Corda node
  • Query the available CorDapps in the node
  • Generate CorDapp wrappers to interact with the deployed CorDapps
  • Generate integration tests using a fully Dockerized Corda network to test CorDapps against
  • Generate sample project with a CorDapp contract, workflow and client modules


To provide greater flexibility for developers wishing to work with web3j-corda, the project is made up of a number of modules.

In dependency order, they are as follows:

  • api: Corda and Network Map client API interfaces.
  • core: Corda and Network Map clients implementation.
  • codegen: CorDapp client code generation libraries.
  • console: Command-line tools for creating and publishing CorDapps.
  • test: Testing tools to run CorDapps in a Corda network.
  • common: Common libraries for all modules.